Johnson Matthey PLC

Contact: Dr Mark Copley

Johnson Matthey is a speciality Chemicals Company focused on its core skills in precious metals, catalysts and fine chemicals. Johnson Matthey business is organised into three global divisions – Environmental Technologies, Precious Metal Products and Fine Chemicals – focused on the development of high value added, high technology, products and services. Johnson Matthey's businesses supply a wide range of catalysts, technologies and other chemical products which are used within the petrochemical, chemical and fine chemical industries.

Johnson Matthey products and technologies are used to control emissions from vehicles and factories, remove unwanted impurities in oil refining processes and produce chemicals from sustainable feedstocks. We also work on fuel cell technologies for the production of clean, green electricity. Johnson Matthey's businesses make products using precious metals and related materials and produce platinum group metal (pgm) and base metal catalysts and pgm chemicals. We have operations in over 30 countries and employ over 10,000 people. Johnson Matthey's products are sold across the world to a wide range of advanced technology industries.

The Technology Centre, based at Sonning Common (UK), undertakes research activities for the Johnson Matthey group worldwide. It employs 270 staff from many scientific disciplines, of which about two-thirds are qualified to degree or doctorate level.

The Catalysis and Materials Department develops core technology for JM in the area of, nanoparticles synthesis, enamels, conductive pastes, new pigments, protective coatings and inkjet printing. The group design and develop novel materials, for catalytic, ceramic, energy storage and electronic applications.

The group is also active in novel synthetic technologies such as high temperature flame spray pyrolysis.

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