Iberdrola Ingenieria

Contact: Dr Andrés Gómez-Navarro

IBERDROLA INGENIERÍA Y CONSTRUCCIÓN, IIC, (IBERDROLA ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION, IEC) is the IBERDROLA Group Company that carries out engineering and construction work. They are currently the fourth largest energy engineering company in the world in terms of turnover, and one of Spain’s principal engineering companies in the electricity sector.

The Company's duties involve providing technical services, ranging from basic studies to ‘turnkey’ projects, both for other companies in the Iberdrola Group and for third parties in the generation, nuclear, networks and renewables sectors. All of its projects are completed with a high degree of quality and innovation, taking advantage of the experience acquired by the entire Iberdrola Group. This, combined with its technological capacity, has made the Company a benchmark in the worldwide energy engineering sector with the capacity to compete in the Spanish and in the international markets.

Innovation is one of the main lines which guide the activity of Iberdrola Engineering, as the basis for a better service to the Iberdrola Group and as a means of differentiation as an international reference.

Through the development of innovation projects, it has been possible to both increase the product portfolio which Iberdrola Engineering can execute (biofuel, new nuclear, fusion, others), and to improve methodologies and internal engineering tools, with the goal of obtaining maximum efficiency in the products and services offered.

Iberdrola Engineering is seeking its involvement in large consortium projects as a means to extend knowledge, by inter-relating with other companies and technological centres. Within such projects we can highlight CENIT OCEAN LIDER and VIDA, which deal with marine energy and capture of CO2, respectively; the ALIA2, FLOTTEK and UHINDAR projects, which are focused in energy storage technologies and offshore generation, or the DEPOLIGEN which investigates energy efficiency in zero emission buildings by integrating sources of renewable energy. The innovation initiatives are also extensive to the electro nuclear field, in order to improve the safety and efficiency in the existing nuclear power plants, and for future nuclear power plants.  Iberdrola Engineering is remarkable in its participation in projects for the development of the international fusion reactor ITER, and in the development of the fourth generation of nuclear reactors, ESNII.