Mid-Term Review Meeting

On 22nd June 2015 the SIRBATT Consortium presented their work to the European Commission's representative and scientific expert Dr Irina Gocheva. The meeting, which was held in Liverpool, was considered to be extremely successful and as a result the Commission have now presented their report on SIRBATT’s progress.

This report highlighted that all work was on task and that “the success of SIRBATT is expected to make a large impact”.  The project had progressed well and was “advancing the state-of-the-art in several key areas”.

Management at the University of Liverpool was praised for dissemination and the timely submission of quality reporting, achieved through partner engagement and cooperation; providing timely progress updates, deliverables and milestones.  The EC stated that “the synergy between all partners is well established and the workflow is harmonized with excellent integrity”; the balance of knowledge between partners from academia and industry was particularly highlighted.   

Mid-Term Review Photo
The European Commission’s report was discussed at the Project’s Board Meeting in Bilbao, Spain on 28th September 2015.  During the meeting it was noted that the project had further strengthened; with several new papers accepted to quality scientific journals and made available through open access with links available via the 'Publications' link on this web site's home page. ‌

Programme Mid-Term Review Meeting