Perspectives in Nuclear Physics - NuPECC Long Range Plan 2017

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The Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee has just published its Long Range Plan “Perspectives in Nuclear Physics”. NuPECC publishes long range plans with a ten year horizon, updated every five years and covers all aspects of nuclear physics:  Hadron Physics, Properties of Strongly Interacting Matter at Extreme Conditions of Temperature and Baryon Number Density, Nuclear Structure and Reaction Dynamics, Nuclear Astrophysics, Symmetries and Fundamental Interactions, and Applications and Societal Benefits.

The plan is available from the NuPECC website and contains a number of high level and detailed recommendations about the priorities of the field.  Significant input from the international community included that of Liverpool lecturer Dr. Laura Harkness-Brennan and committee members Prof. Paul Nolan and Prof. Rodi Herzberg.

In addition to the support for FAIR and a world leading ISOL facility in Europe, Liverpool is particularly glad about the recommendations to support a rich and varied exploitation programme at a number of facilities, to support the completion of AGATA in full geometry and to support the ALICE experiment in full.  The recognition of the role of nuclear science in society and importance of training the next generation of nuclear scientists is equally welcome.

The Long Range Plan will have its official launch at an event in Brussels on November 27th.