Liverpool Physics Jamboree

One of the big events for CUWIP 2023 will be confidence-building through physics outreach and inspiring the next generation of women and non-binary physicists at the Liverpool Physics Jamboree.


In 2016, The University of Liverpool began a student-led outreach event for Beavers, Cubs, Rainbows and Brownies called The Science Jamboree. It’s where undergraduate science students deliver STEM activities to visiting young people. Since we started we have delivered activities to over 2000 young people and even managed two years remote during lockdown!

Liverpool Physics jamboree

At CUWiP 2023 we will train you to deliverer a short physics outreach activity and give you the opportunity to deliver it at our exclusive Liverpool Physics Jamboree. The event will be girls only (members of Brownies and Guides) and will be supported by our friends at Liverpool Universities Student Scout and Guide Organisation (LUSSAGO).

We want to our delegates to learn some of the techniques involved in science communication as these are transferable to things like poster sessions and presentations.  And who knows, you may well join or start your own physics outreach group to continue to inspire the next generation on women and non-binary physicists.

The organisers found that being involved in delivering community-based outreach boosted student’s confidence, Science Communication and teamwork abilities. Many of the students went on to deliver more outreach activities for their department, came back as mentors when they study their PhDs or even set up their own outreach group.

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