Rhodri Jones

Beams Department, CERN

Dr. Rhodri Jones is head of the CERN Beam Instrumentation Group at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), responsible for the beam instrumentation and diagnostics on all CERN accelerators and transfer lines.

He obtained his PhD on resonance ionisation laser spectroscopy in 1996 from what was then the University of Wales, Swansea. Joining CERN first as a research fellow in the Beam Instrumentation Group and then as a staff member in 1999, he became Group Leader in 2009. During his time at CERN he has worked on the beam instrumentation systems of many different machines, but in particular on tune, chromaticity and coupling diagnostics for the SPS and LHC at CERN and RHIC at Brookhaven (USA). He was also project leader for the LHC beam position and schottky measurement system.

His interests include high frequency RF diagnostics, laser and electro-optical diagnostics and any new, innovative techniques applicable to beam measurement systems. All of these are often followed in collaboration with many of the oPAC partner institutes as well as with other national laboratories in Europe, Asia and the US.