University of Seville / Centro Nacional de Aceleradores

Contact: Prof. Joaquin Gómez Camacho

US /CNA is the national Centre of Excellence for particle accelerator based interdisciplinary research and carries out fundamental and applied research. The laboratory is composed by a 3MV tandem van de Graaff, a 18 MeV proton (9 MeV deuteron) cyclotron and 1 MV tandem Cockcroft-Walton for accelerator mass spectrometry.

Beside these instruments, the centre has sample preparation laboratories as well an installation for radiopharmaceutical production. A small positron emission tomograph (PET) for animal studies completes the cyclotron laboratory. At CNA there are seven independent beam lines: a ‌ multi-purpose reaction chamber, an external micro-beam line, a basic nuclear physics line, a channeling line, an ultra-high vacuum chamber, a nuclear micro-probe beam line and an ion implantation-irradiation beam line. In 2008 a new ion source of the Duoplasmatron type was installed.

US/CNA has been involved in European programs in both the 6th and the 7th framework program and has a strong track record of training researchers at both ESR and ER level. It is a joint research centre which belongs to the University of Seville, the Junta de Andalucia and the Spanish Research Council (CSIC).