University of Bologna

Contact: Domiziano Mostacci

The University of Bologna is the oldest continually operating degree-granting university in the world. Its history makes it a landmark reference in European culture. It is one of the most important institutions of higher education across Italy with more than 90.000 students and over 6000 permanent staff. Internationalization is one of its key strategies, including the participation as leader or partner in many EU cooperation initiatives. The School of Engineering, with a Faculty of approximately 300 members, offers majors in all branches of engineering. Nuclear competencies have been present since the mid 60’s, first with the Specialization school in nuclear engineering, then with the MS program. Now nuclear technologies are taught in a BS+MS program in Energy engineering and in two PhD programs.

Cyclotron at the University hospital

The nuclear engineering department has been collaborating for years with the University hospital and School of Medecine in topics of Health physics at large and relating to accelerators for medical use in particular: the University hospital operates a cyclotron and numerous LINACs. Collaboration research in the past several years has focused on radiation protection issues and on the continuous development of new targets.

Two experimental targets developed recently

119SB (p,np) SB118 124Te(p,n)124I