Instrumentation Technologies

Contact: Elvis Janežič 

Instrumentation Technologies was founded in 1998, combining eight years of accelerator experience with a new industrial approach. Two thirds of the fifty-eight employees are working in R&D. First contracts for the equipment of whole BPM systems at the Synchrotrons SOLEIL and DIAMOND were signed in 2003. Instrumentation Technologies is a provider of the Libera family instruments.

Instrumentation Technologies

‌These state-of-the-art instrumentation systems are used for diagnostics and beam stabilization at 42 accelerator facilities s around the world. Many instruments have been developed in close collaboration with experts from research institutes. Different Libera products are designed to work together, getting synergetic effects and enabling turnkey solutions for beam stabilization. Instrumentation Technologies specializes in instrumentation for beam stabilization in the accelerator field, including analog and digital engineering, high and low level software, extensive FPGA programming, user-specific applications and solutions.

‌Instrumentation Technologies is a provider of comprehensive solutions for the instrumentation of particle accelerators, which it markets under the established and protected trademark Libera. The company was the initiator and is a founding member of the Centre of Excellence for Biosensors, Instrumentation and Control systems (COBIK).