ISA - Institute for Storage Ring Facilities

Contact: Soeren Pape Moeller

‌The Institute for Storage Ring Facilities (ISA) is a Danish National Facility where research is carried out in Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science and Biology using accelerators and storage rings. The institute has long standing experience in the design and operation of accelerators, in particular storage rings.

The institute owns several facilities for the production and storage of ions, electrons and positrons. ASTRID is the longest running facility and consists of a storage ring equipped with ion and electron injector systems. Ions of either polarity or electrons can be stored and accelerated. For experiments with stored ions, imaging, neutral particle and/or photon detectors can be used to study the effects of electron-cooling, laser-cooling or‌ to measure ion lifetimes. Seven synchrotron radiation (SR) beamlines cover a wide photon energy range from the visible to the X-Ray region supporting a diverse SR research program.

‌ELISA is an electrostatic storage ring with its own ion injector and is capable of storing an even wider range of ions than ASTRID. At present, the institute is building a new synchrotron light source, ASTRID2, which shall be operational with beamlines by mid 2012.