ESS - European Spallation Source AB

Contact: Andreas Jansson

‌The European Spallation Source, to be built in Lund, Sweden, will be world’s most powerful neutron source, once completed. Based on a 5 MW superconducting proton linac, it will also be at the forefront of highintensity accelerators. The project is currently in a pre-construction R&D phase, where the accelerator R&D is carried out by a collaboration of mainly European institutes, including a number of oPAC partners. In addition, the local organization in Lund is rapidly growing.

ESS will become a multi-scientific facility for advanced research and industry development. More than 300 researchers from 11 countries have taken part in the planning, which has lasted about 15 years. ESS will open up entirely new opportunities for researchers within a large number of fields of research: chemistry, nano and energy technology, environmental engineering, foodstuff, bioscience, pharmaceuticals, IT, materials and engineering science and archaeology.