CMAM - Centre for Micro Analysis of Materials / Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM)

Contact: Alessandro Zucchiatti

CMAM is a research laboratory belonging to the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) whose main experimental facility is an electrostatic ion accelerator devoted to the analysis and modification of materials. The accelerator, built by HVEE, is of the tandem type and the acceleration system is the co-axial Cockcroft-Walton type with a maximum terminal voltage of 5 MV. It is equipped with two sources: a plasma source and a sputtering source and provides a broad range of ions in the six experimental stations. We have an external microbeam, a modular line for nuclear physics experiments, a multipurpose experimental station equipped with a precision goniometer and a range of IBA and optical analytical techniques, a ERDA-ToF Line, an internal microbeam in advanced phase of commissioning and an implantation line for the irradiation of large surfaces (10x10 cm2) with heavy ions (up to Au) under completion.

The CMAM schedules yearly more than 1500 hours to experimental activities (experiments and commissioning) hosting some 130 experiments in the fields of Materials Science, Micro-Electronics and Opto-Electronics, Magnetism, Nanotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Biology y Bio-medicine, Nuclear Physics, Energy, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage. The process of “Beamtime Supply” to users is certified ISO9001:2008.