Contact: Ivan Podadera Aliseda

‌A Public Research Agency attached to the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, CIEMAT is mainly focused in the fields of energy, environment and technology related with them. It is aiming at linking the basic research with the industrial applications, as a bridge between the R&D and the social goals. With a human team of around 1400 people, CIEMAT is diversified technologically and geographically. The main site is in Madrid, where most of the personnel is based. In addition CIEMAT is managing other centers like the Almeria Solar Platform (PSA), an outstanding solar technology facility.


CIEMAT activities are framed in the national and international scope. The center is participating in UE programmes and cooperating with other agencies and research institutes from all over the world, especially in Europe and South America.

In the field of accelerators, CIEMAT has contributed extensively supplying accelerator instruments for big facilities like CERN, XFEL, IFMIF or other smaller facilities like the Microtron Project in Barcelona. CIEMAT significantly contributes in the field of beam diagnostics, beam dynamics and control systems for high current linear and compact hadron accelerators. The group is currently strongly active in the following fields related to the OPAC network:

  • Beam diagnostics: non-interceptive transverse profilers, pickups and electronics for low beta RF accelerators, mean energy measurements.  
  • Beam dynamics: cyclotron of space-charge dominated beams, emittance measurements.
  • Control systems: control of precise motion systems, and integration in EPICS and PLC control systems.