Bergoz Instrumentation, France

Contact: Julien Bergoz

Fast Current TransformerBergoz develops and manufactures current transformers, current transducers, current monitoring devices and electronic instrumentation for current measurement and elementary particle beams diagnostics, nondestructively. Bergoz instruments are found in applications as diverse as high energy particle accelerators, in research and medicine, on synchrotron radiation light sources, on ion implanters used for materials surface modification, on conformance test benches, to measure partial discharge, corona, isolation breakdown, and many more. Bergoz specializes in ultra-low-noise analog electronics design in the DC – 3 GHz range. This is combined with knowledge of cobalt-based amorphous magnetic alloys annealing processes for response up to 2 GHz and very low Barkhausen noise. Exceptional performance is always expected from our circuits.
Signal-to-noise ratio larger than 140 dB and signal linearity over more than 11 octaves are usual demands. The company’s workshop is well equipped with production machinery and test instruments.