Advanced School on Accelerator Optimization

Many of today’s most advanced research infrastructures rely on the use of particle accelerators.

This includes particle colliders, synchrotron light sources and free electron lasers (FELs), high intensity hadron accelerators for the generation of exotic beams and spallation sources, as well as much smaller accelerator facilities for precision experiments.
The full potential of any accelerator can only be exploited if the performance of all its parts are continuously optimized, if numerical tools are made available that allow for developing and improving advanced machine designs and if methods are developed in partnership between the academic and industry sectors to monitor beams with ever higher intensities and brightness, shorter pulse lengths or smaller dimensions.

This oPAC School covers accelerator optimization through beam physics studies, instrumentation R&D and charged particle beam simulations at an advanced level. It targets PhD students, Postdocs, as well as experienced researchers. The school will start with an introduction to each topic and is hence suitable also for researchers without previous experience in the field - the general teaching pace will be high to allow covering many advanced topics, too.

It will be hosted by Royal Holloway University of London, UK and take place from 7th -11th July 2014.

The deadline for registration is 31st May 2014.

Several scholarships are available for outstanding early stage researchers. The scholarships will cover the cost of the school including accommodation in shared rooms but recipients will have to arrange and pay for their own travel costs to the event.

More information and how to register can be found on the school homepage.