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oPAC Project Video


EU Project T.E.A.M.

Blaise Guénard


Development of a GPU-based PIC solver

Martina Sofranac, CST


Optimization of light ions detection in an AMS compact facility

Grazia Scognamiglio, US/CNA


How can Monte Carlo improve your life?

Michal Jarosz, ESS


Measurement of the Beam Transverse Profile in an High Intensity Beam

Charlotte Roose, ESS


SOLEIL performance improvement using optimization based on Genetic Algorithms

Xavier Nuel Galvaldà, SOLEIL


Beam Halo Monitoring

Blaine Lomberg, University of Liverpool


Optimization of the layout of the LHC collimation system

Hector Garcia, RHUL


Simulation Codes in Accelerator Physics

Daria Astapovych, CERN


The LHeC: Large Hadron electron Collider

Alessandra Valloni, CERN


Upgrades of the Large Hadron Collider

Emilia Cruz Alaniz, University of Liverpool


Beam Diagnostic using Synchrotron Radiation

Laura Torino, ALBA


Cavitiy as a Particle Position Detector

Xiancheng Chen, GSI


Common HW and SW Platform for different Particle Accelerators

Manuel Cargnelutti, Instrumentation Technologies


Photon an neutron detection with diamond

Pavel Kavrigin, CIVIDEC


Advanced beam physics problems at light source

Michele Carlà, ALBA



Pavel Maslov, Cosylab

oPAC Videoblog

Cristina Battaglia, CNA


The Mutlilevel fast Multipole Method

Sehaar Naveed, University of Liverpool


Cryogenic Current Comparator

Miguel Fernandes, CERN