Richard T Johnson State of the Art Prize Lecturers

2023: Professor David Warrell, University of Oxford, UK

The Neurology of Snakebite


2022: Professor Charles Newton, Oxford University, UK & KEMRI, Kenya

Advances in cerebral malaria: past, present & future.


2022: Professor Gretchen Birbeck, University of Rochester, USA

Neurologic morbidities from pediatric cerebral malaria—Looking Beyond the Body Count 


2020: Dr Sam Kampondeni, Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Malawi

Neuro-radiology and the Mystery of Cerebral Malaria

Professor Nick Beeching 

2021: Professor Nick Beeching, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK

An Account of the Occasional Neurological Forays of a Peripatetic Infectious Disease Physician, Illustrated with Copious Anecdotes and Reflections

Christina Marra

2021: Professor Christina M. Marra, University of Washington School of Medicine, USA

Unmasking the Great Imitator


2019: Professor Tom Solomon, University of Liverpool, UK

Tackling Brain Infections –from Bangkok to Blackpool and Back Again

2018: Dr James J Sejvar, Centers for Disease Control, USA

Keep Calm and Investigate: Neuroepidemiology Lessons From The Field


2016: Professor Marc Lecuit, Institut Pasteur, France

Clinical, Microbiological and Pathophysiological insights on neurolisteriosis

2015: Professor Avindra Nath, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, USA
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenges in Neurological Infections

2014: Professor Israel Steiner, Rabin Medical Center, Petach Tikva, Israel
Para-infectious disorders of the nervous system


2013: Professor Elizabeth Molyneux, OBE and Professor Malcolm Molyneux, OBE
CNS infections on Malawian children


2012: Professor Scott Letendre, University of California, San Diego
Neurocognitive complications of HIV


2011: Professor Angela Vincent, University of Oxford
Antibody-mediated Encephalitis


2010: Professor Richard Whitley, University of Alabama, USA
Viral encephalitis Advances and new frontiers


2009: Professor Mike Levin, Imperial College, London
Can better understanding of inflammatory mechanisms lead to improved outcome in bacterial meningitis?


2008: Dr Susan O’Connell, Southampton General Hospital
Lyme Neuroborreliosis – the Greatest Controversy of the Day


2007: Professor Peter Kennedy, University of Glasgow
Varicella Zoster Virus Infections of the Nervous System