The Microbiome Innovation Centre offers a wide range of services to suit the requirements of your project.

Academic expertise and consultancy

We have academics able to cover clinical, veterinary and environmental applications and working in fundamental biology through to translational science. We provide expertise regularly to public agencies, industry and the media.

Academic collaboration

The Centre has more than 50 academics able to provide expertise in microbiome science. Collaborators on grant proposals and studentships, as well as an extensive track record of working with other academic, public agency and industrial partners.

Skills development

We can help you to develop your skills or those of your company through short workshops in design and analysis of experiments, and through post-graduate training in microbiome science.

Commissioned work

The Microbiome Innovation Centre can help deliver your research by access to technology, trained staff and expertise and established processes to enable contracts for commissioned work. Contact us to discuss your needs and expectations.

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