Industry collaboration

At the Microbiome Innovation Centre (MIC), we know the value of industry collaboration.

Industry collaborations and partnerships are vital for our growth and keeping the MIC’s research relevant to real-world applications.  We are dedicated to establishing industrial collaborations and partnerships with companies of all sizes - locally, nationally and internationally.

The MIC gives external partners access to researchers who are world-leading in the field of microbiome research. As well as access to expertise and research talent, external partners gain access to state of the art facilities and technology, that enables collaborators to reach their research goals.

We develop the talent and technology the industry needs for the future of microbiome research.

There are a number of ways you can work with us, such as:

  • Collaborative research applications and awards
  • Consultancy activity and experimental design advice
  • Fee for service work such as contract research and testing

Benefits of industrial collaboration and partnerships

  • Access to state of the art facilities
  • Collaboration with world leading researchers on industry relevant projects
  • Access to graduate talent and skills
  • Exploring what is possible to enable business growth and development

Read more about our services here.

Working with the University of Liverpool has been a big unlock for us. We have carried out multiple large microbiome studies that have been hugely impactful.

Mike Hoptroff, Senior Research & Development Manager, Unilever

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