Stochastic Optimal Control and Applications (SOCA) School and Workshop

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Stochastic Optimal Control and Applications (SOCA)

Olivier Menoukeu Pamen (IFAM and AIMS Ghana) is co-organising the Stochastic Optimal Control and Applications (SOCA) School with Workshop from 14th to 18th August, 2017. This will be held at AIMS Ghana main campus, Biriwa, Cape Coast, Ghana.

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), Ghana invites applications from researchers interested in disciplines related to probability theory, financial and actuarial  mathematics, insurance, mathematics, statistics, economics to participate in this School.

Organised within the framework of the German Research Chair programme in AIMS Ghana, under the Alexander von Humboldt and the German Ministry of Education and Research, the workshop will bring together renowned international and national scientific researchers, young researchers and graduate students working on Stochastic Optimal Control and their Applications.

SOCA will focus on advanced and new scientific directions in the area of Stochastic Optimal Control. It will also be a platform for initiating collaborative research among researchers at universities in Ghana, Africa and beyond. The programme will include one mini course, research talks and poster presentations in stochastic control theory.

For further details and registration details see the SOCA website.