Ninth annual Barkla lecture - Professor Jacob Bekenstein

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Professor Jacob Bekenstein (centre) with Dr Thomas Teubner (left) and Professor Alon Faraggi (right)

Professor Jacob Bekenstein, Polak Professor of Theoretical Physics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem delivered the ninth Barkla lecture on 15th May 2014.

The title of his talk was "Black Hole Thermodynamics". The talk received a warm welcome from an enthusiastic audience and was followed by a reception in the Chadwick Building.

The University of Liverpool, and the North-West in general have had a long tradition in nuclear and particle physics research, starting with Rutherford and Chadwick, who discovered the nucleus and the neutron, and continuing to the present day with the work on particle physics detectors, accelerators and theoretical studies. 

The aim of the Barkla lecture series is to expose the experimental and theoretical physics research activities at the university to the wider university audience and beyond, and to attract students to this area.

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