QJMAM/IMA Summer School: Asymptotic Methods for PDEs & Modelling of Waves

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QJMAM Summer School

19th July - 6th August 2021

The Summer school is aimed at postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers working on the mathematical modelling of waves. The focus of the school will be on Asymptotic Methods for Partial Differential Equations and will combine analytical techniques with numerical modelling. This course will enable, both new and more experienced, researchers to gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the modelling of wave propagation in multi-scale structured media. Combined with asymptotic techniques, and in particular the method of meso-scale asymptotic approximations, the solutions and numerical simulations are elegant and effective. The conceptual and theoretical ideas that underpin the method will be explained and accompanied by illuminating analytical and numerical implementations demonstrated during lectures and practical sessions. MATLAB and COMSOL Multi-Physics will be used as the programming environment in most of the numerical demonstrations.

The lectures and numerical demonstrations will be delivered by Prof Alexander Movchan, Prof Natasha Movchan, Dr Daniel Colquitt, Dr Stewart Haslinger, Dr Ozgur Selsil, and Dr Sara Frecentese and will include both rigorous analysis and illustrative numerical simulations, with links to original research results and recent publications.

All sessions will run online, via ZOOM, the lectures and numerical demonstrations will take place on weekdays during 19 July 2021 – 6 August 2021 (there will be no sessions on weekends). Each day will consist of a two-hour instructional session per day, with additional tutorials run as discussion sessions.

Summary videos for the sessions will be provided to all participants. The registration is required to provide access for all participants to the Zoom sessions and online video supplementary material. All sessions are free, there is no charge.

Please register by going to https://bit.ly/PDEs-and-modelling (attendance is free and the School is available to all interested researchers and students).