Successful summer research internships programme at London campus

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IFAM summer interns 2019
Our 2019 summer interns outside the University of Liverpool in London

A cohort of 2nd year financial mathematics undergraduate students have succesfully completed a six week internship programme at the University of Liverpool in London campus working on real-world problems posed by industry partners.

Thank you to all the participating undergraduate, graduate and PhD students, and the academic staff from the Institute for Financial and Actuarial Mathematics. Thanks also to our industry partners including Onward Homes, Innovative Microfinance Ghana, Mitsubishi Bank, Stable, Azur, WS Transportation, Lane Clark & Peacock and Moody's analytics.

The students worked in small groups in collaboration with our industry partners and culminated in a presentation of their findings at a celebration event on 25th July held at the University of Liverpool in London campus attended by staff from the department of Mathematical Sciences and the industrial collaborators.

Projects included:

  • Predictive Analytics Project - Income (Onward Homes, UK) 
  • Predictive Analytics Project - Repairs (Onward Homes, UK)
  • Linear versus Non-linear Swaption Market Dynamics (Mitsubishi Bank, UK)
  • Probability of Default in Micro-lending (Innovative Microfinance, Ghana)
  • Assessment of Mortality Differences in China (Industry supervisor from Moody's analytics, UK)
  • Price Elasticity (Azur, UK)
  • Hedging Opportunities from Forward-looking Markets (Stable, UK)
  • Trading Simulation with HPC (Stable, UK)
  • Miles per Hour analysis (WS Transportation, UK)
  • Car Insurance Pricing (Insurance data from the Egyptian market, Egypt)
  • Are Electric Cars Really More Environmentally Friendly than Petrol and Diesel? (Industry supervisor from Lane Clark & Peacock, UK)