Materials Innovation Factory Outreach

The Materials Innovation Factory is a unique scientific research facility. The state-of-the-art equipment places it at the cutting edge of research, shaping our future with every new discovery.

That does not place it out of reach, with many of the topics covered in your studies relating directly to the work conducted in our laboratories.

By exploring the various resources on this page, we hope to: enable you to discover the interesting ways in which the world of science is changing and provide you with the tools to help further your own aspirations.

With Materials Innovation Factory research relating to A-level and university courses (Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Engineering) we want to ensure the next generation of minds are included in our community. To learn more about aspects of the Materials Innovation Factory please explore the following resources:

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Mathematical Algorithms for Structure Determination

Computational chemistry is a tool utilised by many to streamline the experimental process; find out how the MIF is using a new breakthrough to fast-track materials research:

Powering the Future

From portable electronics to electric vehicles; battery technology is everywhere. Discover what the MIF is doing to try and improve the efficiency and safety of batteries.

Polymers as Functional Emulsifiers

Polymers have been redefining the world of materials chemistry for some time. Find how the MIF is utilising their material capabilities to enhance pharmaceutical research.

Colourless Conductivity

Some property combinations appear impossible to manufacture; see how the Materials Innovation Factory is using new technology to collaborate with industry and make "impossible" materials.

The MIF and Teaching

Hear directly from the researchers, at the cutting edge of science, about their work and how it relates to the modules they teach.