Women in Science: The Challenge - or How a space obsessed school girl grew up to be a top scientist.

Born in London to Nigerian parents in the late sixties, Maggie moved between 13 schools during her childhood, struggling to show her potential in the face of what she later recognised as dyslexia.

Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE has gone on to design a host of space instruments and is now a presenter the BBC programme the Sky at Night.

In this special LivWiSE guest lecture, Maggie talked about the importance of role models in showing how exciting science and engineering is. She talks about her own journey and how she became fascinated in science, and how that journey led her to work as a space scientist. She will cover topics including her work at the Ministry of Defence and the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency on missile warning systems to hand-held instruments for detecting landmines, through to her role as a science communicator.

NOTE: The lighting level of the speaker are quite low, however the presentation and sound are clear.