LIV.DAT student wins poster prize at Euroschool on Exotic Beams

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Magda (centre) receiving her poster prize at the Euroschool on Exotic Beams

LIV.DAT PhD student Magda Satrazani attended the Euroschool on Exotic beams from 11-17 September in La Rabida, Spain. The school is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, summer schools in Nuclear Physics. It takes place every year in a different European country. 

The school covers the topics of experimental and theoretical studies of nuclear structure, reaction dynamics and nuclear astrophysics as well as general topics on the physics of exotic nuclei. This year students had the chance to attend lectures on gamma-ray spectroscopy, experimental nuclear astrophysics, theoretical nuclear physics, experimental condensed matter and solid state physics, plasma physics and lectures about beta-decay.

The participants, who are mainly PhD students, are expected to actively participate in the school by presenting a poster and a giving a brief talk about their research objectives. Magda presented her poster alongside the other students at the school and she won third prize for her efforts.

Magda’s PhD research is about experimental nuclear physics and more particularly the nuclear structure of neutron-rich Cerium isotopes. The poster Magda presented at the school was about the "Gamma-ray spectroscopy of the neutron-rich 148Ce". Magda had the chance to present some preliminary results of her research related to the nuclear structure of 148Ce, as well as a preliminary measurement of the lifetime of the parent nucleus 148La.

Magda felt it was a great opportunity to tell the world more about her experiment, its layout and potential and of course to discuss future targets and directions.

Magda said “The school was an excellent opportunity to get more actively involved in the activities of the nuclear physics society and the fact that it was in-person helped to socialize and relax the tension that COVID has created. It was absolutely wonderful meeting all those people and having the chance to attend all the lectures given by world experts in their fields of expertise. Participating in this school gave me the chance to learn more about other people's research topics, different labs and facilities and to consider the possibility of future collaborations.  It felt quite motivating being surrounded by passionate people with whom I share a few of the same research interests. After all, I always found inspiring meeting people who really love and are committed in a way with what they chose to do for a living, especially if this has to do with nuclear physics!”

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