CDT Student Interviews - Spotlight on Ricardo Gonzalez Lopez

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Why are you interested in Physics?

"The big one is curiosity. You see things happen, and you want to understand. Physics is the way to do that."

How did you end up in Liverpool?

"I knew going abroad would give me better opportunities, so I was already looking into going abroad. I did a masters project using ATLAS, so when I heard about the ATLAS group in Liverpool, I went for it."

Which contribution to your field do you consider to be the most significant?

"Working with ATLAS, the biggest contribution has to be the Higgs particle."

What do you hope to contribute to your field?

"My PhD will be on searching for a new vector boson. Ideally I'll discover one, maybe more realistically, I'll tighten the constraints on particle mass, but ideally I'll discover one."

Where do you hope to end up after your PhD?

"This is my ideal job, I really like it so I'd like to carry on and go into research. I'm open minded though, I could do other stuff."

Why do you think Big Data is important?

"Nowadays, there's so much monitoring of everything we search, everything we buy and watch and these are all huge datasets. With all these huge datasets, the ability to extract the information you want is essential."

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