CDT Student Interviews - Spotlight on Eloisa Arena

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Why are you interested in Physics?

"I really like learning how nature works, you know? At first you learn about the fundamental rules, and then you can see how things work."

How did you end up in Liverpool?

"My group leader in Rome suggested Liverpool to me. I did a masters project with ATLAS group, so he told me about the ATLAS group at Liverpool. He said it was a prestigious University, but that I should go for it, so I did."

Which contribution to your field do you consider to be the most significant?

"I'm working in high energy particle physics using ATLAS. I guess the big discovery recently was the Higgs Boson. Hopefully the next big one will be dark matter."

What do you hope to contribute to your field?

"Within my PhD, I'm going to be looking for a link between the Higgs Boson and Dark Matter."

Where do you hope to end up after your PhD?

"I'd like to continue in research. That would be my ideal job, but I'm open, I can adapt."

Why do you think Big Data is important?

"Everything we work with now involves big data analysis, so it's really important to know how it works, and to try and improve it."

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