EuroSciPy held in Trento

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Trento, Italy, was the host for the 11th European Conference on Python in Science, EuroSciPy, from the 28th to 31st of August 2018. This annual event brings together a wide range of scientists from across Europe with a common interest in Python. Since most Machine learning frameworks, such as TensorFlow and Pytorch use the Python language this was very interesting for LIV.DAT student Phillip Marshall.

The first two days consisted of workshops, where participants could get hands on experience trying new techniques and producing exciting results. There were three parallel streams, beginner, advanced and applications. This meant that there was always a relevant and interesting workshop to attend.

The last two days were for talks, presented by more python experts. Due to the broad scope of Euroscipy a wide variety of topics were being presented and in two parallel streams. The most exciting were cutting edge machine learning techniques, such as using a webcam for real time pose estimation and detecting burnt crop fields from aerial photographs.

Phillip found the advanced sessions most relevant for expanding his python knowledge and the talks about Jupyter Notebooks the most useful; as his research has only recently required regular use of Notebooks, and a marked increase in workflow is already evident.

EuroSciPy highlighted the great work people are doing with Python across Europe. Ranging from exciting new work in biosciences and climate science, to the teaching of Python tips and tricks. It was an enjoyable conference that would be recommended to any scientists wanting to learn more about Python.