CDT Student Interviews - Spotlight on Alessandro Biondini

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Why are you interested in Physics?

"I always liked physics, but my interest really grew during my undergrad. I was really interested in what I was studying in the particle physics modules, so it just grew from there."

How did you end up in Liverpool?

"I knew I wanted to do a PhD, and the leader of my group knew someone at Liverpool, so I heard about the CDT opportunity through him. I thought the opportunity sounded really good, and the city sounded good, so I went for it."

Which contribution to your field do you consider to be the most significant?

"I work with the ATLAS experiment on high energy particle physics. I think the most important thing about the field is the fact that we can verify the standard model, and see all the particles we predicted."

What do you hope to contribute to your field?

"I hope to study the decay of dark matter, so observe the decay of dark photons into muons and electrons."

Where do you hope to end up after your PhD?

"I'd like to stay in research, go for a Postdoc, hopefully in particle physics still."

Why do you think Big Data is important?

"It's not just applicable to physics. Google, Amazon, etc., all of them use big data to help you find what you search for, so it's usefull everywhere."

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