NuINT Conference and NuSTAT Workshop in Gran Sasso Science Institute

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LIV.DAT student Julia Tena Vidal presenting her work at the Gran Sasso Science Institute.

Last October, one of our LIV.DAT students, Julia Tena Vidal, presented her work at the Gran Sasso Science Institute. Her project focuses on the further development of the GENIE global analysis of neutrino scattering data and will enable the deployment of improved comprehensive simulations and the careful data-driven characterization of simulation uncertainties. During her PhD, she will focus on pion production mechanisms in GENIE, which involve the understanding of resonant interactions (RES), shallow inelastic scattering (SIS) and hadronization models implemented in the generator.

Two important events were taking place in the Gran Sasso Science Institute, the NuSTEC workshop on Shallow and Deep-Inelastic Scattering followed by the NuINT international conference on neutrino nucleus interactions in the few-GeV Region.

The NuSTEC workshop concentrated on the oft-overlooked W-region in neutrino scattering from just beyond the Delta resonance up through the transition into DIS. Diferent neutrino Monte Carlo generators explained their particular approach to model the SIS and DIS region, and in particular Julia Tena Vidal presented the GENIE approach and the new work done towards the inclusion of improved global tunes in GENIE v3. Other topics were discussed to cover the theoretical and experimental study of cross sections from resonance to hadronization models, with contribution from both neutrino and non-neutrino communities.

The same work was also presented at NuInt 18. The main focus of the conference was the discussion of neutrino-nucleus interactions, in the broad kinematical regime relevant to astrophysical applications and accelerator-based searches of neutrino oscillations. NuInt is addressed to a diverse audience, including nuclear theorists, neutrino experimentalists and developers of event generators with the aim of fostering synergies and collaborative eforts.