The good inside us all
Across the globe, bacteria live all around,
in houses, in oceans and underground.
But something that you may find a surprise,
is that trillions of bacteria live inside your insides!
“But bacteria are bad!” I hear you cry,
well, that’s not always true...and I’ll let them tell you why.
“Hi there! It’s great that we can speak to you,
and let you into our lives to share the things that we do.”
“We’re the bugs in your guts! Why, didn’t you know?
We’re not scary like the Gruffalo.”
“We don’t have teeth or tusks or prickles,
if we were your size we’d be giving you hugs and tickles.”
“We’ve been together forever, we came from your Mummy,
and when you were born we headed straight for your tummy.”
“In the beginning we were but a few,
specialist milk drinkers, but in a year or two,”
“many more types came in to settle and feed,
and help to fulfill your immune system needs.”
“We’ve always helped to keep bad bacteria out,
because keeping you healthy is what we’re all about.”
“We also digest your food and make stuff for your cells,
things called metabolites that can help keep you well.”
“So, while there may be some bad bugs in Mr Twit’s beard,
to us, this seems a little bit weird.”
“‘Cos we are the good ones! I hope you can see,
that we’re much more like a micro-BFG.”
“Next time you hear bacteria getting bad press,
remember...the bugs in your guts are the best!”