Life Rooms at Playhouse

Posted on: 1 February 2021 by Sam Solnick in Health, Medicine and Wellbeing

The Literature and Science Hub have been working with Life Rooms at the Playhouse; an initiative that brings together NHS Mersey Care and the Everyman and Playhouse Theatres, working to help marginalised and isolated adults in the City Centre area as the newest NHS Life Rooms on Merseyside.

In early 2020 the Hub began delivering “writing for wellbeing” sessions inspired by ecocriticism and nature writing. While the sessions; and the whole Life Rooms programme, were curtailed by the pandemic, these became the backbone of our ‘Writing Covid’ initiative and we continued to provide creative writing videos for Life Rooms service users during the period of lockdown and led to the publication of our anthology "A Spray of Hope". We are now providing sessions for the new Life Rooms Online that was launched in October 2020. 

The Literature and Science Hub also conducted an evaluation of the Life Rooms at the Playhouse which has now been completed. It's now been published and you can now read download it here: Everyman Evaluation

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