Photo of Dr Yalin Zheng

Dr Yalin Zheng Ph.D.

Reader in Ophthalmic Imaging Eye & Vision Sciences


MBCHB Year 1 and 2

Clinical imaging and applications (MSc)

MRes programme

Modules for 2021-22

COVIS Research Module 1

Module code: MDSC236

Role: Teaching

COVIS Research Module 2

Module code: MDSC237

Role: Teaching

Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology and the Visual System

Module code: MDSC233

Role: Teaching

Clinical Trials Design and Governance

Module code: MDSC234

Role: Teaching

Communication and Study Skills for the Life Sciences

Module code: LIFE130

Role: Teaching

Ophthalmology Clinical Imaging Module

Module code: MDSC235

Role: Teaching

Posterior Segment Clinical Ophthalmology

Module code: MDSC232

Role: Teaching