Photo of Professor Christian Hedrich

Professor Christian Hedrich MD, PhD

Professor of Child Health Women's & Children's Health


Selected Publications

  1. cAMP Responsive Element Modulator (CREM) α Mediates Chromatin Remodeling of CD8 during the Generation of CD3+CD4−CD8− T Cells (Journal article - 2014)
  2. cAMP response element modulator α controls <i>IL2</i> and <i>IL17A</i> expression during CD4 lineage commitment and subset distribution in lupus (Journal article - 2012)
  3. Stat3 promotes IL-10 expression in lupus T cells through trans-activation and chromatin remodeling (Journal article - 2014)
  4. A Panel of Urinary Proteins Predicts Active Lupus Nephritis and Response to Rituximab Treatment (Journal article - 2020)
  5. Presentation, Treatment Response and Short-Term Outcomes in Paediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome Temporally Associated with SARS-CoV-2 (PIMS-TS) (Journal article - 2020)
  6. cAMP Response Element Modulator α Induces Dual Specificity Protein Phosphatase 4 to Promote Effector T Cells in Juvenile-Onset Lupus (Journal article - 2019)