You should be managing your research data and preparing for sharing throughout all the stages of a research project.

However, if you are short of time need to know what to do now, the following pages show you what to do and what is available; it just depends on the current stage you are at in your research project.

Data Management Plan Hieroglyphics

Data Management Plan

Have a plan for your research

Collecting and organising your data Organising Data

Collecting and organising your data

Save yourself time

Ethical and legal issues Data Statements

Ethical and legal issues

Understand the ethical and legal issues around your data

Storing Your Research Data Storing Your Research Data

Storing your research data

Safeguard your data

Sharing Your Research Data Data sharing

Sharing your research data

Maximise the reach and potential impact of your research.

Making Sense of Your Data Robot Confused

Making sense of your data

Good metadata is key to making your data FAIR.

Funder Policies Making your data findable

Funder policies

Know your funder's requirements