Writing a data management plan

The University of Liverpool supports DMPonline which is a great tool to use, and is supported by UK funders and Universities.

A DMP online plan can be created, shared, reviewed and downloaded via the tool.  Data management plans can be revisited and adapted at various stages during your research project.

  • Set up an account using your University email address and UoL affiliation (this way you can request feedback if needed).
  • Start to create a plan, including your (potential) funder, if applicable.
  • Once you start writing your plan you will be able to access guidance from your selected funder, the University and Digital Curation Centre in the tabs to the right (or bottom if you access via a mobile phone)
  • You can request feedback from the Liverpool Research Data team if you wish. There is a tab on the front page of your plan to enable you do this.

The what, why and how of data management planning

What does your funder require?

Partners and collaborators

  • If the University is not the leading institution in a research collaboration, then you should make yourself aware of what is required and what the lead institution will facilitate.
  • When the project is completed, no matter where the data is deposited, it would be of great benefit to have a record of where the data is, in the Liverpool Research Data Catalogue, linking to the actual dataset and the project’s outputs

Anonymisation and Security

  • If you are dealing with sensitive, personal or special category data, anonymise it as soon as possible and limit access to the raw data. Levels of confidentiality and security depend upon the type of research being carried out. You will have to consider copyright, GDPR, and the commercial sensitivity of the data you work with and create.