18 New PhD Studentship Opportunities Launched for October 2018

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NEW PhD Studentships opportunities now available in the LRC.

This multidisciplinary Centre is offering exciting PhD studentship opportunities covering a broad spectrum of research areas including; chemistry, chemical engineering, theoretical and computational solid state chemistry, materials science, physics, atomistic materials modelling or condensed matter physics, computer science, management, or related disciplines.

The Leverhulme Research Centre for Functional Material Design at the University of Liverpool seeks motivated and enthusiastic applicants for up to 42-month PhD studentships (to begin in October 2018) in the following research projects:


  • Computational Materials Discovery: theoretical modelling of materials for electronics applications  project supervised by Dr Alessandro Troisi
  • Development of structure determination methods combining experimental, computational, and data-driven approaches for a high-throughput materials discovery framework  project supervised by Dr Sam Chong and Dr Linjiang Chen
  • NMR-driven design of ion transporting materials  project supervised by Dr. Frédéric Blanc and Prof Matthew J. Rosseinsky
  • Computational Prediction of Gel Properties  project supervised by Dr Neil Berry and Prof Dave Adams (University of Glasgow)
  • Robotic discovery of new inorganic materials  project supervised by Professor Matthew Rosseinsky and John Claridge
  • Discovery of high-temperature superconductors using advanced machine learning  project supervised by Dr Danushka Bollegala, Prof M Rosseinsky and Dr M Gaultois
  • Combinatorial analysis of the energy graphs under operations of composition  project supervised by Dr Igor Potapov and Dr Matthew Dyer
  • Analysis of energy landscapes of molecular crystal structures employing combinatorial and topological methodologies  project supervised by Dr Yannis Goulermas, Dr Vitaliy Kurlin and Prof Graeme Day (University of Southampton)
  • Automated On-line Optimisation of Flow Chemistry Synthesis project supervised by Professor Simon Maskell and Dr Anna Slater
  • Crystal structure determination of complex oxide hetero-structures using surface x-ray diffraction and Coherent Bragg Rod Analysis  project supervised by Dr Jonathan Alaria, Pro. Matthew Rosseinsky and Dr Chris Nicklin (Diamond Light Source)
  • Soft Manipulator for next generation of chemical lab robots  project supervised by Dr Paolo Paoletti, Dr Ben Alston and Prof Andy Cooper
  • Advanced multilayer materials for efficient and durable solar fuel photo-electrodes using atomic layer deposition guided by an artificial intelligence research advisor  project supervised by Dr Richard Potter and Dr Alexander Cowan
  • Designing assembler for bottom-up formulations with tunable rheology  project supervised by Dr Ester Garcia-Tunon and Prof Andy Cooper
  • The computational prediction of synthetically accessible supramolecular materials (Based at Imperial College London)  project supervised by Dr Kim Jelfs
  • Discovery of Porous Organic Crystals Guided by Energy–Structure–Function Maps  project supervised by Professor A I Cooper
  • Data Driven Discovery of Functional Molecular Co-crystals  project supervised by Dr M Dyer and Dr V Kurlin
  • Molecular Engineering of Two Dimensional Organic – Inorganic Hybrid Functional Materials  project supervised by Professor P Chalker and Professor A I Cooper


For further information on each project and qualification requirements click here or by contacting the supervisor for the specific project of interest.