LA³NET Fellows start postdoctoral fellowships

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Jose Luis Henares has recently undertaken a postdoctoral position at CENBG (Centre Etudes Nucléaires de Bordeaux Gradignan).  The general objective of the ENL group (Excitations Nucléaires par Laser) at CENBG is to measure the properties and mechanisms of nuclear excitation in plasmas. To create the nuclei that interest us we need beams of accelerated ions, typically generated by high-power short-pulse lasers (TW, PW).  The ENL group has an expertise in nuclear excitation rate calculations in plasmas and diagnostics to perform nuclear spectroscopy. The subject of Jose’s postdoc project Laser plasma ion acceleration is to optimize the production of intense beam by both simulations and experiments. 

Andreas Döpp has started a postdoctoral fellowship at LMU Munich University. He has joined professor Stefan Karsch’s research group and currently participates in experiments on hybrid plasma wakefield acceleration and advanced X-ray imaging. From 2017 onwards he is going to work at the new Centre for Advanced Laser Applications (CALA), where he will be involved in setup and operation of the Thomson-scattering beamline SPECTRE and the beam test facility ETTF.