LA³NET Coordinator named co-editor of Instruments

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LA3NET Coordinator, Prof Carsten P. Welsch has recently been inducted into the Editorial Board of the journal Instruments. 

Instruments is a new peer-reviewed, open access journal focused on scientific instrumentation and on the related methods and theory.

The main objective of Instruments is to provide a forum for advanced research on instruments, experimental apparatus, techniques and data processing for fundamental science and its applications. Transcending the specialised field for which a particular instrument was developed, the journal will aim at a broad interdisciplinary public.

The editor’s ambition is to select high quality papers presenting major achievements and truly innovative results in instrumentation for various research fields, such as physics, engineering, chemistry, material science, biology, medicine, etc. This broad spectrum of disciplines should naturally promote the submission of trans-disciplinary papers.

On behalf of the Editorial Board, Carsten Welsch would like to invite you to choose Instruments to submit your high quality, innovative papers. They will be subject to a rigorous peer-review process and, if accepted, published online within a short time.