FindyourPension – Navigating within the European Pension Landscapes

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Findyourgym, Findyourphone or Findyourlove; but FindyourPension? This topic is not expected to be the first on the list of google’s most favourite websites. In fact, many people do not consider their old-age provision during younger years. They rely on their career and a somewhat growing prosperity until the time has come to retire.

However, this strategy might change when you are a mobile researcher - changing you r jobs and pension systems frequently. In this case, it is crucial to understand a bit of the workings of pension systems in order to not forget who will pay your old-age pension some day…

FindyourPension is a website dedicated to mobile researchers working for universities and publicly funded research facilities. It helps you to find orientation and guidance in your pension biography by:

  • Providing basic knowledge about the different sources of pensions in general and the different pension landscapes in the various European countries
  • Finding your pension providers related to the listed research employers
  • Giving answers to the most frequently asked questions in terms of professional mobility and pensions in the Pensions ABSs of the incorporated systems
  • As of July 2016 the new feature FindyourPension- My Track

After the log in users can save and track their career- and pension biographies. This tool helps to document your pension path and also serves as an explanation tool on how pension entitlements are accrued. Here, it is also possible to add up the different pension claims accrued and thus better estimate the expected pension income. My track is available at