Jurjen Couperus publishes in NIMA

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Jurjen Couperus, LA3NET Fellow hosted by HZDR, Germany presents the results of his project developed within LA3NET in a paper recently accepted for publication in Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A. The paper Tomographic characterisation of gas-jet targets for laser wakefield acceleration discusses results of Jurjen’s studies into target development for laser wakefield acceleration (LWFA).

Laser wakefield acceleration (LWFA) is a promising concept for the next generation of compact electron accelerators. The acceleration medium is provided by a target that creates a local well-defined gas-density profile inside a vacuum vessel. Target development and analysis of the resulting gas-density profiles is an important aspect in the further development of LWFA. Gas-jet targets are widely used in regimes where relatively high electron densities over short interaction lengths are required. In this paper the authors report a precise characterisation of such gas-jet targets using a laser interferometry technique.