Researcher Careers Workshop - Registration now open!

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The LA3NET and oPAC consortia are organizing a Researcher Careers Workshop in Kraków, Poland on 27th June 2016.

It will be an ideal opportunity for early stage researchers to find out about their career opportunities and interact with fellow young scientists from all over the world.

The workshop will cover important topics related to long term career planning, such as:

  • Various career pathways for researchers: academic career, career in industry, in research centres, alternative career opportunities
  • European grants (MSCA, ERC) and grants for young researchers in Poland
  • International mobility and its importance for researcher’s career.
  • Career progression from academia to industry, managing a spin-off company, collaboration between academia and industry
  • Pension information for mobile researchers

The speakers will come from different European countries and there will be representatives of Polish institutions and companies. The speakers will share not only their knowledge, but also personal stories that can inspire future career choices.

The event will be attended by former Marie Curie Fellows from the LA3NET and oPAC networks and is open to all postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers interested in exploring different career opportunities. Bringing together young researchers from different countries will create exceptional networking opportunities for the workshop participants.

The event will take place in the Panoramic Room on the top floor of the International Cultural Centre in Krakow’s Main Square.

More details about the event and registration:


There will be LA3NET and oPAC Fellow Reunion satellite events on the 26th and 28th June, including a visit to the brand-new Solaris light source.