Yelong Wei visits PSI

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Former LA3NET Fellow, Yelong Wei, from the University of Liverpool and the Cockcroft Institute, visited PSI between 21st - 24th March 2016. His visit aimed at questions related to the fabrication of grating microstructures and first dielectric laser-driven accelerator (DLA) experiments in collaboration between PSI experts and the QUASAR Group.
After some initial discussion with Dr. Soichiro Tsujino, group leader of Vacuum Nanoelectronics at PSI, two different DLA geometries, suitable for electron injection studies, as well as for beam diagnostics purposes, were identified. These shall be studied in the near future in numerical studies and experiment. Dr. Tsujino also took Yelong to a visit of their lab where he had the opportunity to see their laser facility, SEM(scanning electron microscopy), and many other fabrication and diagnostics devices.

Yelong also gave a talk to the PSI accelerator and vacuum nanoelectronics groups about his studies into dielectric laser-driven accelerators developed within the LA3NET project and now being continued within the PhD programme. Discussions on the injection offset for electrons, fabrication errors to influence the gradient and other critical questions were discussed in detail. Dr. Rasmus Ischebeck showed Yelong around their labs and experiment platform and explained more details about electron beam operation, their plasma gas jet, laser facility, grating microstructure used at SLAC, as well as several advanced beam diagnostics devices. A visit of the Swiss FEL complex completed his short visit which shall now be followed by a longer secondment to PSI over the summer, targeting joint experiments.
In conclusion, Yelong really enjoyed this short visit and appreciated the time and effort everyone put in.