Results on new ionization schemes for ISOLDE RILIS published in NIMA

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Tom Day Goodacre, LA³NET Fellow hosted by CERN presents the results of his project developed within LA³NET in a paper Laser resonance ionization scheme development for tellurium and germanium at the dual Ti:Sa–Dye ISOLDE RILIS recently accepted for publication in Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A.

Schematic of the RILIS layout and the experimental setup for the laser spectroscopy and efficiency measurements.

The resonance ionization laser ion source (RILIS) is the principal ion source of the ISOLDE radioactive beam facility based at CERN. The paper presents the work on new ionization schemes developed for ISOLDE RILIS, which increased the range of its ionized beams to 31 elements.

For the studies the method of in-source laser resonance ionization spectroscopy was used. As a result a new three-step, three-resonance RILIS ionization scheme for tellurium has been developed with a final step transition to a newly identified autoionizing state. Secondly, a new three-step, two-resonance RILIS scheme for germanium was identified and tested using the ISOLDE RILIS. The paper discusses the details of the spectroscopy studies and presents the new ionization schemes.