Andreas Döpp awarded doctoral degree

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In his thesis entitled ‘Laser-Plasma Light Sources: Research and Developments for increased control, stability, gain and brightness’ Andreas presents a new perspective for the laser plasma light sources. 

Radiography using Compton-backscattered photons.

In analogy to development of conventional acceleration technology, where each part of the process is optimised independently, the work of now Dr. Andreas Döpp implements a similar strategy for laser plasma light sources. His thesis covers therefore such aspects as improving injection, acceleration and collimation of electron beams in laser-plasma accelerators and radiation generation schemes for laser-plasma light sources. He presents the experimental observation of electron rephasing and demonstration of electron beam focussing using a laser-plasma lens. He also studies different regimes of injection and three different mechanisms of radiation generation: bremsstrahlung conversion, betatron radiation and Thomson backscattering.