Research in a video frame

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Presenting your research in a short video requires a great deal of creativity. Several of our LA³NET Fellows have recently produced outreach videos about their projects.

If you have ever wondered if a young researcher has to wear a kilt in Scotland you will find the answer in Mateusz Tyrk’s video. Matt presents his work on electro-optic (EO) techniques for bunch length measurements in an amusing but also professional way ( ).

Andreas Döpp who is based at CLPU in Spain shows his acting talent and passion for laser plasma lenses ( and Luca Stockhausen, also at CLPU, explains his research and its importance for future progress in treating cancer in a clear lecture style (

Finally, Yelong Wei describes his work on designing dielectric laser-driven accelerators in an accessible graphic way ( ).

The videos of other Fellows can be accessed through the QUASAR Group’s channel on YouTube (