Alex and Yelong inspired young students

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‌Mr. Tom Jeffries and Mr. Mark Beresford are young students who joined the Cockcroft Institute for two weeks summer internships to discover more about the research carried out in the field of accelerator physics. They were introduced to current R&D projects by CI researchers including LA3NET fellows Alexandra Alexandrova and Yelong Wei.

Alexandra gave them an insight into the development of a laser velocimeter for in-detail characterization of gas jets. She showed them how to analyze the data from an experiment and gave them a task of identifying particular data obtained in an experiment and making calculations basing on it.

Yelong taught the interns how to model and simulate the RF accelerating cavity using computer simulation technology and how to model and simulate the grating-based dielectric structure interacting with electrons. Mark and Tom could then try to design different cavities and structures by themselves.

Feedback from both interns was extremely positive and they said they would definitely recommend young students interested in discovering more about Particle Accelerator Physics to undertake such experience.