Beam Diagnostics Workshop and Conference on Laser Applications at Accelerators

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The penultimate events for LA³NET took place in Mallorca at the end of March with a Workshop on Beam Diagnostics kicking off the week. The network and the state of the art of optical diagnostics was introduced by Dr. Rob Ashworth and Prof. Carsten Welsch, both from the University of Liverpool based at the Cockcroft Institute. Dr. Ralph Fiorito then reviewed the current situation in Beam Profile and Emittance Measurements using Optical Radiation. Monday continued with Dr. Thomas Aumeyr presenting some of the latest findings from RHUL on Laserwire Scanner R&D and Ultra-high Resolution OTR Measurements. In the afternoon the second session based around Compton Backscattering was initiated by Dr. Alessandro Variola of LNF. LA³NET fellows Thomas Hofmann and Andreas Doepp both contributed to this first session with Cheng Chang presenting results on the first Compton backscattering energy measurements at ANKA and Pengnan Lu speaking about his work at HZDR. The day finished off with the session on Optical Techniques for Ultra-short Bunches led by Dr. Rasmus Ischebeck from PSI. The talks stimulated much discussion as lunch and coffee breaks squeezed into ever shorter duration.


The final day of the beam diagnostics workshop started with Andrii Borysenko talking about measurements on the limit for bunch shape determination. Dr. Enrica Chiadroni from INFN then gave the session on RF Techniques for Ultra-short Bunches followed by an extensive session covering a diverse range of novel sensors and technologies led by Prof. Gaetano Scarmacio. The LA³NET fellows featured here were Alexandra Alexandrova on laser velocimetry measurement of liquid velocity and Kamil Nowacki presenting the company perspective from Foton’s viewpoint with case studies related to supplying equipment for diagnostics technologies.

Wednesday welcomed the opening of the LA³NET Conference on Laser Applications at Accelerators. Following an introductory overview from Prof. ‌Carsten Welsch, Dr. Rafael Ferrer from KU Leuven got the first session on Particle Beam Generation underway with a talk on Laser Ion Sources with Lee Jones of STFC speaking later about Photoinjectors. This extensive session included presentations from LA³NET fellows Tom Day Goodacre, Jose Luis Henares, Lara Hijazi, Irene Martini, Pengnan Lu and Matthieu Veinhard. In the afternoon Prof. Jörg Schreiber of LMU and Prof. Peter Hommelhoff from FAU led the Laser-based Ion Acceleration session with contributions from network fellows Luca Stockhausen and Yelong Wei.

The second day of the conference kicked off with a session on Electron Acceleration with invited speakers Prof. Alexander Pukhov from the University of Dusseldorf and Prof. Malte Kaluza from the University of Jena. LA³NET contributions came from Jurjen Couperus and Andreas Doepp. The next session on Industrial Applications was introduced by Dr. Francois Sylla from SourceLAB with Jakob Kramer, Kamil Nowacki and Stanimir Kisyov giving talks about their work. The afternoon started with a poster session engaging more delegates followed by a seminar talk on the Extreme Light Infrastructure from Dr. Sydney Gales of ELI.


The final day dawned on the conference with a packed morning programme all about beam diagnostics including talks from Andrii Borysenko, Prof. Amin Abdolvand on behalf of Mateusz Tyrk, Rui Pan, Thomas Hofmann, Cheng Chang and the Cockcroft Institute’s very own Alexander Alexandrova. Prof. Carsten Welsch finally drew proceedings to a close summarising the week’s successes.

The events enjoyed a broad media coverage in the local press: