Expanding horizons

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Mateusz Tyrk recently returned from Research Instruments in Cologne where he had spent two weeks on secondment away from Dundee. Here he was greeted by a friendly atmosphere in the novel-looking offices and lots of high tech equipment. His initial assignment was to carry out preliminary calculations (piper diameters, valves used, heat exchanger parameters, etc.) for a new cryogenic system that was designed to change 4 kelvin liquid helium into 2 kelvins for cooling of superconducting radio frequency (rf) cavity modules.

Further details of the project are strictly confidential. However, the work allowed Mateusz to apply his knowledge of cryogenics, fluid dynamics, srf cavities, heat exchange processes and engineering devices that could do the job - like the Joule-Thomson valve. Working independently and with appropriate background literature searches including studying youtube videos on fluid dynamics Mateusz was able to complete the required calculations using bernoulli equations etc in Excel.

At the end of the second week Mateusz presented all of his calculations to the board of directors including Hanspeter Vogel (MD) and Michael Pekeler (Head of superconducting rfs) and Daniel Trompetter who supervised the work. The presentation also included his LA³NET project and LA³NET in general which all created much interest.

All in all, a good piece of work was completed while expanding Mateusz's experience and the only thing that defeated him was a 1,2 kg Schnitzel in an XXL food challenge.